• Our Future

    Equipping the Minds of Today, with the Skills for Tomorrow.

  • Cultivating Compassion

    to Improve Health

    We need a world that works for all... and we're starting with education. While people of all ages are experiencing health issues due to distress, the impact of stress on a child has a detrimental ripple effect throughout an entire community.


    Despite, the rising levels of variable stress found in schools, the existing education system prioritizes academic achievement, leaving nothing in the budget for the "heart" skills that cultivate healthy children, which in turn help our communities thrive.


    What does that leave us with? Soaring instances of bullying, violence, behavioral issues, and health problems in school aged children. The interconnectedness of these issues, is why systemic degeneration at the community level is occurring.


    When a child is affected, a community is affected. It's that simple.

  • Got Skills?

    Unleashing Great Minds.

    The visionaries of this coalition have witnessed the benefits of applied social and emotional skills firsthand, with school aged children. By increasing emotional intelligence via social and emotional learning (SEL), there is a quantifiable impact on the community. That ripple effect is what fuels our vision.

  • Our Vision

    Reimagine the System.

  • Dream With Us.

    Imagine that all school aged children are equipped with the resiliency skills they need to improve their own human experience.


    Imagine that bullying, behavior issues, violence, stress, and mental illnesses... become scarce.


    Imagine that the lives of each of their families, friends, and teachers are forever changed because of this newly expanded definition of health.


    Imagine that their entire community experienced drastic improvements in the quality of their own human experiences. That community health improved simply through the cultivation of compassion through emotional intelligence, in the life of a child.


    Our children are only 20% of our population... but they are 100% of our future.

  • Our Intention.

    We're creating an epic coalition with organizations and thought leaders that support compassion by emphasizing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in schools. Through emotional intelligence, we cultivate compassion. Through compassion, we achieve social justice. Through social justice, we begin to truly impact public health... and we each hold a piece to the puzzle.

  • Our Community

    The Togetherness that Makes Belonging Matter.

  • Community Matters

    You matter, we matter, community matters. The influences in a child's environment impacts the entire community. The ways in which all of the systems pictured here interrelate may seem complex, but the desired outcome isn't. We have the ability to influence what becomes of a generation, what becomes of a community, and what becomes of our society.

  • Doing Good, Feels Good.

    Of people who volunteer:


    • 95% say it makes their community a better place.

    • 94% say it improves their mood.

    • 96% say it enriches their sense of purpose in life.

    • 78% say it lowers their stress levels.

    • 25% say it helps them manage chronic illness.

  • I'm Still Not Sure if Should I Be Part of the Movement?

    If you answer yes to any or all of these, then you are the ideal coalition member.

    I support compassion.

    Well of course! That's an easy one.

    I want to see my community thrive.

    I mean who doesn't?

    I want to support students by giving them ways to cope with stress.

    Wow! I would've loved to learn that as a kid!

    I stand for promoting resiliency in our children and future.

    Well who wouldn't want to live in a world with well adjusted humans?

    I see the benefits of decreasing behavioral problems in schools.

    Yes, yes, and yes. Now I'm getting excited!

    I am an SEL provider, educator, parent, or interested in supporting kids.

    I think this may be a good fit!

  • Your Coalition Visionaries

    Casting the Vision & Connecting Communities

    Hayfa Marengo

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    Hayfa is a passionate visionary in promoting positive health and well-being. Despite having a less than charmed childhood, she always knew that she’d go on to make an impact in this world.


    Hayfa began college at age 15, graduated high school at age 16, and began working with her first U.S. Congressman by age 17. As the first woman in her family to receive a Bachelors Degree, a Masters Degree, and then a second Masters Degree, she knew that one day, her story would empower others to rise up.


    After feeling overworked, underpaid and stressed with her Federal Government career, she recognized the systemic issues that needed to be addressed in society. She then pursued work aimed at enhancing people’s lives. She has a wide range of professional and community experiences including being an author, business owner, and board member of Mindfulness First.

    Stephanie Cordel

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    Stephanie is passionate about providing children with mindfulness as a tool to promote resiliency and positive social and emotional development.


    With a degree in Child Development,

    Stephanie’s professional experience focuses on enhancing mental health among children and adolescents in a variety of settings. She has been involved in several federally funded research projects including interventions with young children exposed to alcohol prenatally, depression prevention with adolescents and mental health promotion with youth experiencing chronic diseases.


    Stephanie currently serves as the Research Director for Mindfulness First and also teaches mindfulness to children and families with her organization Growing Mindfully.

    Yolande Grill

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    Yolande has over 30 years of experience working in the Information Technology and Computer Industry. She is an entrepreneur and is currently the COO of InfoSol Inc. – a Worldwide Business Intelligence solutions provider. Yolande is passionate about Peace and the human spirit. She is currently endeavoring to create work cultures that are worthy of our children.

    Yolande also serves on the board of directors of Mindfulness First.

    Yolande believes that being present is the space that comes before taking a first step and the space from which all futures can emerge. Being mindful is a gateway to being present.

    Yolande believes that children are our teachers and that mindfulness is a gift to the planet. She is the mother of two children, two step children and a grandmother to an awesome baby girl called Ada.

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